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AMG Studios Releases "Alive," Accompanied by the Mesmerizing Female Vocalist, Thuy.

AMG Studios releases their first single off of "Artistically & Musically Gifted Volume 2," featuring Thuy. Producer D-Luc reached out to Thuy, after listening to some of her other hit singles. He thought that a production of his and Aye G's, would fit the vibe and direction on the track. CR Crucial, was also crucial when it came to the songwriting of the song. His melodies and lyrics, with the vocal abilities of Thuy, really set the right vocal feeling to Aye G's and D-Luc's production.

The song was also featured on different social platforms including and Stay tuned for further productions with the talented Thuy and Producers at AMG Studios.

Listen to Free on SoundCloud below!

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