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Celebrating a Year of Good Music and Friendship

Today marks exactly a year since AMG Studios and Paul Shoelace dropped their debut single "Be Seen," featuring Paul Shoelace on the verses and HBK Rossi on the choruses. The track was the first of many tracks that was produced by De'La and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Aye G. This track has reached almost 20K views on SoundCloud and continues to be in the daily playlists of Shoelaces fans. The track is notable for the harmonic diversity that Rossi brings to the choruses and the numerous layers in the outro that Aye G had chopped up from the chorus, as well as the bars and knowledge that Shoelace brings to the verses. Since then, Shoelace has dropped many hits with AMG Studios, including the "Rico (Remix)," "Hold Up," "Starstruck," "Cattin," and the recent hit that is now available on Apple Music called "WYA." AMG Studios and Paul Shoelace are ready to continue releasing the heat and collaborating with other artists throughout California. Wait to see what these guys got in store for the "Artistically & Musically Gifted Vol. 2" Album. For now, slap "Be Seen" on SoundCloud!

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