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"One Thing" Released by Flo and Aye G, Bringing New Sounds to the Genre of Pop & Hip H

Flo and Aye G reach over a thousand plays after one day of releasing their new track, "One Thing." The track provides a new sound of pop mixed with hip hop and rap, with melodic layers in the chorus and Flo's signature bars throughout the verses. Flo produced the track using the software Fruity Loops and brought the track over to Aye G at AMG Studios. Aye G was able to add arrangement features and mix and master the whole production. The track expresses that there isn't enough time in life for the fighting, lying, and tripping off what somebody else is doing. In relationships, people tend to get insecure and lose trust in their partner. Aye G and Flo provide the message that if you keep it 100 with them, they'll do the same. Check out the song on Flo's SoundCloud below, reposted on AMG's SoundCloud, or on

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