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AMG Studios Website Update! Book Sessions, Music Videos, and Photoshoots, While Purchasing Instrumen

Whether you're in Los Angeles or San Francisco, our website now makes it easier to book a session with our different engineers. The minimum for recording is 2 Hrs. at a rate of 25$ hour.

In addition, instrumentals and productions are now being sold for a one time rate of $100. For each beat purchased, the artist receives an MP3 track of the beat, as well as all the trackouts and stems so that they can have full flexibility over each song.

Music Videos are now available in 4K when you book a video with our director Jay Omar. We use professional softwares for editing and coloring. Videos are available for a one time rate of $500, which includes shoots at multiple locations, the coloring correction of the video, and the editing as well. See previous videos we've done on the "Videos" page. Here is one recent video that was shot by us below:

Finally, we are building contracts for our artists that we collaborate with, and our in house engineers and producers. These contracts for artists state that if AMG Studios Engineers, Mix, or Masters a track, the artist needs to give credit to AMG Studios and the engineer who participated in the song in the description. It also states that if AMG Studios works with all the trackouts of another song from a different producer, AMG Studios deserves Co-Productions credits in the title of the song. The reason we request Co-Production credits when we have control of all the trackouts is because we add to the song with arrangement features, different patterns, and the mixing of the whole beat. These contracts can be found as "Word Docs" on our "Contact" page soon!

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