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Ian Choate

AMG been my engineer for upward of 4 years now. Studio 10/10 and upgrades get crazier and crazier. Aye G knows what he’s doing and easily adapts to ur style. Shot about 4 videos as well. Quick turn around time + quality product. Much appreciation


Cal La Veaux

The work flow that I experience while I'm here is unparalleled, I've never had a studio engineer that knew what I was going to ask for before I asked for it. High key don't know if could trust anyone else with my vocals at this point! If you haven't booked your time with Austin, you're wasting the potential of your music fam!


Sam Cahill

Austin always delivers A+ service. Very patient, detail-oriented and has a great approach to whatever the situation is. Have done two successful recording sessions with AMG Studios and will be back for more!


Omar Miller

Austin provides the best services when it comes to engineering (can’t speak for other services because I haven’t used them). He knows how to work with artists intimately because he himself is an artist. Bring a vision, and he’ll help you bring it to life.


Connor Moore

I’ve been sitting on a passion project since I was in college and finally got the motivation to finish it up in the last year. I wanted to start recording and my buddy put me on with Austin and AMG- who I found to be a super professional and a great communicator. He’s musically versatile, really skilled and you can tell he’s invested a lot in his equipment.


Palace Wolf

I’ve been to a lot of different studios but I’m thankful I found this place. Austin (AG) was very professional. I was so surprised at how fast he was able to mix down my vocals and the atmosphere made it feel like home which made me a lot more comfortable recording. Thanks again AMG studio

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Noelle Melana

This place is the one-stop-shop for all your studio-related needs. There’s a recording studio as well as multiple rooms equipped for photography, podcasts, & pretty much any other creative endeavor. Definitely worth checking out, and if you do book a session - Austin is super helpful and friendly! Great place & great vibes to match. Thanks AMG!


Dorian Young

Smoothest and most professional workflow ever. As a recording artist efficiency is everything as you don’t want to lose the energy. Every time I go to AMG studios it’s incredibly seamless


Hayden Thompson

Recording with Austin for years! He is a great engineer and equally gifted creative. High quality studio for anyone in greater Los Angeles area


Andre Jay

AMG studios is one of the best studio services I’ve had since my move to LA. The owner really cares and is highly passionate about music, it shows in his work. Highly recommend this place to other music homies!

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We set ourselves at AMG Studios apart through a combination of deep expertise in audio engineering, a relentless commitment to delivering outstanding quality, and a client-centric approach that prioritizes their artistic vision. With a track record of successfully bringing diverse musical genres to life and a dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies, I ensure each client's unique sound is not only realized but elevated to its fullest potential. It's this blend of technical mastery, creative passion, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction that distinguishes me and my studio from the rest. Our space can host a wide variety of purposes and uses.

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