"Level Up" Now On Shoelace's SoundCloud, Featuring OG San Quinn

Shoelace releases another single before his highly anticipated and upcoming project "San Fran Woes." The single, "Level Up," features the Bay Area's OG San Quinn and Milk Mandela. This track adds to the long list that Shoelace has linked up with TrakNation for a production by De'La. This past weekend, Shoelace made a trip down to LA to record most of his project with Aye G and to release this single. The video below shows Aye G working on the song before it was mixed at all: Shoelace continues to "Level Up" & progress with each song he releases. Follow the young kid as he rises to the top in his city. Listen to the new release on his SoundCloud below and be sure to repost it if you enjoy the

"Artistically & Musically Gifted Volume 2" Welcomes Shoelace to Its Latest Production

Back in December of 2015, Aye G and D Luc produced a track that was memorable for the 808 bass line and the chimey bells that carry the songs melody. Over the past weekend, Aye G opened up the session, added production features, and arranged it a bit. Shoelace wrote to the verses and laid 2 16 bar verses for the track. Stayed tuned for what they do with thee chorus. Follow them on social media below to see what they do with their production off of Volume 2.

Lil Z & Shoelace Link Up at AMG Studios to Record to "Occupied"

Most known for their recent collaboration with Roach Gigz on "WYA," Lil Z slides to the studio with Shoelace and some loud ass purp that was Bay grown. They meet up with Engineer/Producer Aye G to record to an instrumental they have had for a while. Both artists lace their verses with bars that'll keep trunks knockin in the city. This weekend. Zy is going to record to the hook before finishing the mix. Follow these two on Twitter below to stay up to date with the releases of their latest music.

Shoelace & Aye G Mix a Production From De'La During the Weekend In the Bay

Shoelace and Aye G have held onto a production from De'La at TrakNation, who over the weekend sent the files of the chorus for AMG Studios to mix. Let's just say Shoelace has a special banger on his hands. The chorus is packed with harmonies and adlibs that Aye G was able to arrange in the intro and the outro during the mix. Shoelace is still in the process of having his verse mixed and getting a placement. Until then, stayed tuned and watch a preview of the song on Twitter.

Cliff Savage Shows How He Gets It Done at AMG Studios In His Second Vlog

Cliff savage opens his second Vlog with a performance in front of hyped up fans at a concert in Santa Ana. The video shows why Cliff is a unique artist, he interacts with all of his fans on a personal level, often stage diving in the crowds. After his performances, Cliff shows how him and producer/engineer Aye G get it done at AMG Studios in Los Angeles. The video displays AMG's prime location, with a view of the pool and a large, soundproof studio. Cliff and Aye G are seen recording three songs in three hours, and reminiscing on old times while exciting themselves about the future. Check out the video below on YouTube and follow them on Twitter!

"Make You Happy" Drops From the Homie Sus; Future Cal State Long Beach Baller Already Maki

Sus hops on this vibey production by Kaytranada, ending summer on the right note. Sus got to work in the studio a couple weeks back while visiting Los Angeles. At AMG Studios, he knocked out two tracks with Aye G. "Ice Cold" & "Make You Happy" are both about bringing in the good vibes which helps make it easy want to relate to. Similar to J cole, Sus is able to tell his real experiences easily through his flows. Listen to this first single of the two tracks that were completed during the session below on SoundCloud.

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