Jay Ward Finalizes Three Tracks Off His Upcoming Project "Stepping Stones"

Jay Ward came through the studio yesterday in Los Angeles to finalize three productions that will be featured on his upcoming project "Stepping Stones." Engineer & Producer Aye G had recorded numerous songs with Jay before summer came around, but now that Aye G is back in town, these two are back in business and ready to deepen their catalogue. The productions that they remixed include "100 Miles," "Wake Up," & "On God." These beats were produced by Darius from 1500 or Nothin, a band & group of talented artists that are notable for winning Grammy's with other well known artists. Artistically, Jay exemplifies that he is an artist that will last in the game for a while. This is because Jay is

Brandon J Has the Fans Going Wild with His Latest Hit "Benz"

Brandon J releases his latest track, called "Benz," once again displaying his versatility and wordplay as an artist. Brandon J went on a production by Nick Mira, making it easy for Brandon to kill every second on the song. Check out a preview of his song promotion on his twitter: After all the vocals were recorded, Brandon sent the track over to AMG Studios, where we were able to mix and master the song to his liking. This song will get you pumped at any time of the day, giving you motivation to cop a Benz and have a ménage à trois with two friends. Go slap the song on SoundCloud below and follow Brandon J on social media to stay updated with his latest music!

Thuy Links Up with Us To Record To Our First Single Off the Volume 2 Album

Over this past weekend, Thuy came through AMG Studios to record to her new, unreleased, hit single with us. The studio session marked the beginning of new connections and relationships with Thuy, CR Crucial, and Cook Beats, who all are very talented artists, writers, and producers. The track that she recorded to was produced by Aye G and D Luc, using Pro Tools for the production and software plugins like Omnisphere and Komplete, as well as RnB Drum Kits. The track is notable for the melodic and wavy flow that Thuy carries throughout the song, in addition with the climatic drops at the end of each verse. This song will be premiered as a single off of our "Artistically & Musically Gifted Volum

Austin Martin Makes a Track of His Own On "First Things First" & Has Some Words To Sha

Usually, I do all the producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering. This time I'm on the production myself as an artist and got a few things to say. Everyone's so caught up in their day to day life, trying to impress other people and be liked by their audience. Yea the recognition is nice, but that's not what I'm here for. This song is a moment in time that I experienced and felt the need to share with other people going through similar experiences. The song is meant to make you realize that we're all at fault sometimes for living life without a purpose. None of us know where our life is going and at some point this life will end. We have to make every moment matter. If you're a DIY type o

Affinity Creating Unstoppable Flows With the Release of His Latest Track

Affinity does it again with the release of his latest track "UnStoppable." He linked up with us a few months ago to record on this production. This production vocals make this song super wavy & flowy. He has versatility on his verses by showcasing his rapping skills and his ability to sing melodically. The whistling adds an old school touch to the track, while Aye G was able to lace that in during the mix. These two got another track called "Prophecies" releasing soon so be on the lookout for it. Stream the track below!

Cliff Savage & Austin Martin Link Up To Record Three New Bangers Going On Cliff's E.P.

The fam is back together and ready to take the industry by storm. In light of Cliff Savage hitting over 1,500,000 view on Spotify, the young and determined artist is ready to continue taking his talents to the productions of up and coming producers. This past Sunday, he slid through AMG Studios to record three new tracks called "Put The Shade Away," "With The Homies," and "Hyenas," with his homie Aye G. All of the tracks are going to premiere on his E.P. that is currently in the process of being finalized. The first two tracks exemplify why Cliff is next up; his delivery is always on time and the variation in his verses make him unique. On "Hyenas," however, Cliff is able to expand his arsen

Celebrating a Year of Good Music and Friendship

Today marks exactly a year since AMG Studios and Paul Shoelace dropped their debut single "Be Seen," featuring Paul Shoelace on the verses and HBK Rossi on the choruses. The track was the first of many tracks that was produced by De'La and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Aye G. This track has reached almost 20K views on SoundCloud and continues to be in the daily playlists of Shoelaces fans. The track is notable for the harmonic diversity that Rossi brings to the choruses and the numerous layers in the outro that Aye G had chopped up from the chorus, as well as the bars and knowledge that Shoelace brings to the verses. Since then, Shoelace has dropped many hits with AMG Studios, including

"One Thing" Released by Flo and Aye G, Bringing New Sounds to the Genre of Pop & Hip H

Flo and Aye G reach over a thousand plays after one day of releasing their new track, "One Thing." The track provides a new sound of pop mixed with hip hop and rap, with melodic layers in the chorus and Flo's signature bars throughout the verses. Flo produced the track using the software Fruity Loops and brought the track over to Aye G at AMG Studios. Aye G was able to add arrangement features and mix and master the whole production. The track expresses that there isn't enough time in life for the fighting, lying, and tripping off what somebody else is doing. In relationships, people tend to get insecure and lose trust in their partner. Aye G and Flo provide the message that if you keep it 1

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