P Mac Premieres D Luc and Aye G's Unreleased Production Off of Their Vol. 2 Album

P Mac released his sixth episode of his “Hella Moded” podcast this tuesday. This episode opens with an AMG Studios production, followed by talks about the VMA’s and so forth. AMG Studios is collaborating with Thuy, from the Bay Area, to record on this latest unreleased track. The "Hella Moded" podcast provides current news on up and coming artists, producers, and new music. Bay Area native, P Mac, has important topics to talk about and hopes to see some fights started in the comment section! Who doesn't love to see some social media beef?! Tune in every tuesday to start your morning right whether you're just waking up or heading to work and stuck in traffic. Big shoutout to P Mac and DabbedB

JaeDoit's New Music Video, "Lately," Is One To Put On Repeat

Jae Doit has been continuously making hit after hit. This time, he waits to release one of his tracks in combination with the visuals. Jae Doit claims he's on his grind lately, and this music video proves his word more than anything! Jae had his close homie Iaonthebeat produce this track, while Aye G from AMG engineered, mixed & mastered the production. Jae Doit, Jay Omar, and Aye G got together at AMG Studios to shoot some of the memorizing scenes from the video. Jae posts up in a mansion to let his fans know that he's ballin', while kickin' back with the homies at the pool scene living life lavishly. The songs mostly memorable for its melodic and catchy backgrounds in the chorus, as well a

Exclusively Dropping It After His Performance, Andre Jays "Chapters" Is Finally Here

Andre Jay releases his second album following his first tape with AMG Studios, called "Intro." However, this second album brings a lot more diversity, thought, and realness to the table. A few of the favorites off the album include "Want It All," "Imagine," and "Memory." Within these tracks, he expands his genre by utilizing his Hispanic roots and implementing a bilingual chorus. Andre dedicates a track to his mother, titled "Memory," thanking his mother for all the sacrifices she's made for Andre and that he will always remember his mother as a woman of pride and hard work and can instill those qualities in himself. In addition to Andre bringing his real life occurrences into his tracks, he

Bank$ Travels the West Coast To Shoot His Video To "2K," Hitting Up Vegas and LA With Dire

Bank$ continues his wave by releasing visuals to his unreleased single, titled "2K." Bank$ recorded this track at Project Level, and had Aye G from AMG Studios mix and master it in Los Angeles. Bank$ has a unique movement that he's started with his music and lifestyle, beginning with his hit single "She Go Crazy," until present day. He continues to grind daily, providing fans and followers with new music and keeping them updated about what's going on behind the scenes. AMG Studios and Bank$ have other productions releasing soon that are currently being finalized. Be on the lookout for future music videos by Bank$ and Korupt Sam. Check out a sneak peek of the video on his Instagram below:

AMG Studios Website Update! Book Sessions, Music Videos, and Photoshoots, While Purchasing Instrumen

Whether you're in Los Angeles or San Francisco, our website now makes it easier to book a session with our different engineers. The minimum for recording is 2 Hrs. at a rate of 25$ hour. In addition, instrumentals and productions are now being sold for a one time rate of $100. For each beat purchased, the artist receives an MP3 track of the beat, as well as all the trackouts and stems so that they can have full flexibility over each song. Music Videos are now available in 4K when you book a video with our director Jay Omar. We use professional softwares for editing and coloring. Videos are available for a one time rate of $500, which includes shoots at multiple locations, the coloring correc

Shoelace and Grizzy Mayne Link Up To Record On "Go Crazy," a Production Made By Nilo Beats

Shoelace and Grizzy Mayne collaborate on a recent track produced by Nilo Beats. If we know one things for sure, "Nilo goes crazy for this one." Grizzy Mayne slides through the studio to record this Bay slap. Shoelace layed the chorus with ease and ripped his 16 too. AMG Studios was sent the trackouts and Aye G mixed and mastered the beat, while recording and mixing the vocals for them as well. These Bay Area players got a lot more hits under way. Peep the track on Grizzy Mayne's Twitter below:

Aye G & D Luc In the Works of Finalizing Productions for Volume 2, Recent Collaborations Being N

AMG Studios is in the process of finalizing their productions for their next album "Artistically & Musically Gifted Vol. 2," solely produced by Aye G and D Luc. These two producers and life long friends team up on Logic and Pro Tools to collaborate on multiple tracks, using plug ins like Omnisphere, Analog Lab, Hybrid, & Komplete 10. The album features artists from Northern and Southern Cali, including HBK Rossi, India Carney, Roach Gigz, & many other talents. The project itself has a large variation of different sounds, from west coast rap and hip hop, to festival and electronic vibers. These talented producers hope to drop at least two singles before the album release. Follow AMG Studios o

JaeDoIt! and Justin Omar Shoot Visuals For Jae's Unreleased Single, "Lately," at AMG S

This past Thursday, AMG Studios welcomed Jay Omar and Jae DoIt to shoot the first few scenes of Jae Doit's unreleased song, "Lately." Check out the first location that was captured below! On Saturday, they shot some wavy visuals at a pool scene, finalizing the last of the performance takes. This track is highly anticipated by the fans of Jae DoIt. Jae is making moves day after day, creating a new genre for the followers, something that the Bay needs. Follow Jae and the rest of the Khuz squad as they drop visuals to their latest hit singles! Check out the pool scene on his Instagram:

J Mob's Unreleased Single Featuring Flxkz, Called "Goin' Up," Dropping With Visual

J Mob and June Flxkz collaborate with Aye G from AMG Studios to record their latest single "Goin' Up." The track is most memorable for its melodic choruses and the west coast vibe that it provides. J Mob has been working all summer and still has a few more sessions to complete before his singles are ready to drop. This collaboration generates hype and the bay swagger that the instrumental needed. Jay Omar is in the process of color correcting and editing the video. These players got something hot to drop for y'all! Stay tuned for the release in early August. Pictures captured below!

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